View Full Version : MDAC 2.5 and 2.6 merge modules

06-19-2003, 12:13 PM
Am I correct in my observation that the latest edition of both the MDAC 2.6 and the MDAC 2.5 have the same component GUID?
I recieve this ICE ERROR
ISDEV : error ICE08: Component: MDAC26.C7B142CC_E86A_4FE2_BBF0_20116E3E407B has a duplicate GUID: {25398ADF-E7F4-4128-ACE4-14282D4D7985} http://dartools/iceman/ice08.html Component ComponentId MDAC26.C7B142CC_E86A_4FE2_BBF0_20116E3E407B
and when I look at the msi file in ORCA they both have the value of {25398ADF-E7F4-4128-ACE4-14282D4D7985}. Now I don't directly include both of these. They are both dependencies of other merge modules. But I still must ask why? wouldn't you want them to be different.
Also does anyone know how I could deselct one of them. It won't let me in the redistributable view because other merge modules depend on them.