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02-12-2003, 08:18 AM
First of all let me explain what im trying to archive then i'll list how far i've got.

Im trying to call a custom dialog box from installshield that has a dropdown combo that is populated with the available sql servers, if its not listed it will let the user enter it. Also on the same screen it will have a sql username and password. In effect im gathering the information so I can use http://www.installsite.org/files/DatabaseFunctions.zip functions to manage and create the database.

So far i've managed to create a custom dialog and call it from installscript code using the EzDefineDialog function, but what i'm failing to do is populate the combo remotely from the (http://www.installsite.org/files/GetSQLServer.zip which does work as i've ran it in debug mode).

How can i populate the combo with the sql server names, in effect i've already got Get_All_SQLServer(listSQL); which is populating a LIST type with the sql servers, all i need is some sort of loop to populate the combo box.

The problem im going to get after this, is retreiving the values when they click next....

Kind Regards,
Chris Bond

02-12-2003, 10:11 AM
Assuming the desired data is in a LIST variable, you can use CtrlSetList in the DLG_INIT section of your custom dialog code to populate a list box or combo box (no loop required); and to retrieve the user's selection, you can use CtrlGetCurSel (or CtrlGetMultCurSel if it's a multi-selection control)...