View Full Version : Automatic Update = No Update

10-21-2002, 02:17 PM
I have my previous installation. I removed one component, added a new component.

Added an automatic upgrade item and pointed to the prior uncompressed .msi file.

Configure the update item to remove the old one w/o prompting.

Built the installation, tested the installation, it did NOT upgrade the prior version, it didn't uninstall it, I'm not too sure what it did! Basic MSI project by the way.

When I started the installation I did see an interesting dialog "Resuming the installation of..."

I didn't change any codes, i.e. Product or Package. I attempted to cluelessly (as insinuated by an automatic upgrade item) upgrade my prior install, and hopefully have the old version uninstalled prior to this one installing, and it did NOT work! I proved clueless! :)

David Thornley
10-21-2002, 04:14 PM
You should have gotten some validation errors, especially if you deleted a component. The Automatic upgrade item detected that you needed to do a minor uprade so it configured your setup to do that...but you can not delete compoennts and do a successful minor upgrade. Did you not get any Validation erros? The Build engien will run validation on your upgrade items by default.

10-21-2002, 04:18 PM
Yes, I did. I thought you could do this with MSI 2.x?

Needless to say, I built a Major upgrade project, I'm off and running, working great.